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Uniform State Provisions & Clauses ("Compendium"): Effective February 2006, the State Procurement Office and the Information Technology Management Office adopted new standardized provisions, clauses, and forms for use in all ITMO and SPO solicitations, all of which are collected in a new publication entitled Uniform State Provisions & Clauses for the Information Technology Management Office & State Procurement Office, Version 1.0, also known as a "Compendium of Standardized Provisions and Clauses that are Commonly Used." This project picks up where the October 2004 revision of the general bidding instructions left off. For a complete review of the Compendium, the Board's procurement offices are offering a three part series of courses, including Compendium Overview (MMO-4-B), which provides an overview, S.C. Standard General Bidding Instructions (MMO-4-C), which reviews Part II.A., and SC Standard Terms & Conditions (MMO-4-D), which covers Part VII.


This course is formerly known as MMO-10A, and is the second course of a series of four Legal Courses. In order to receive credit for State Certification, all for courses must be attended. The courses must be taken in the following order: MMO-4-A: SC Legal Aspects of Purchasing MMO-4-B: SC Compendium Overview MMO-4-C: SC General Bidding Practices MMO-4-D: SC Standard Terms & Conditions Course.


This course provides a practical overview of the new compendium, with a focus on the overall structure, the guidance, the forms, and all parts of the compendium other than Parts II.A. and Part VII. While this course was developed for state agencies, any public procurement official in South Carolina would benefit by attending. Information provided will give public purchasing professionals a better understanding of what clauses are necessary and when to use them in both bids and RFP's. This is the first of a three-part series.

Training Materials

Course Materials: A copy of the compendium is available on the internet on the Procurement Services Legal - Standard Clauses and Provisions page.  From that page, download two items, the "Compendium" and the "Table of Clauses - Redline from v1.1 to v2.0.1". Please print these documents and bring them with you to the class.


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Procurement Services
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