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Courses & Registration

The Division of Procurement Services is currently in the process of revising its entire certification process, including re-scoping and re-developing all of its course offerings. We appreciate your patience as we work through this process.

Resources are available for procurement officers at a national level. While these are not necessarily state-specific, they reflect overall procurement best practices and are great places to start, especially if new to the career.

The National Institute of Government Procurement (NIGP) offers an extensive list of procurement trainings for procurement officials with a wide variety of experience through their Pathways program. Please log into the LMS for pricing and availability. NIGP has also developed a list of Global Best Practices for a wide variety of procurement topics, which are available for free on its website.

The National Association of State Procurement Officials keeps a repository of job aids for fundamental procurement-related topics in its Procurement Toolbox. It also offers courses through its Procurement U system. NASPO is currently offering multiple introductory classes for free. Learn more here.

In 2019, The Division of Procurement Services recorded a series of webinars to clarify changes to the Procurement Code made in May of that year. You may access those recordings here.

Many of the Division of Procurement Services courses require the use of the South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code book. To purchase a 2020 copy of the book, please click here, complete the form, and return it to scbrown@mmo.sc.gov. An insertable addendum to the 2019 version of the book that contains the updates to the Code and Regulations is also available for purchase. Please contact scbrown@mmo.sc.gov for more details.

For questions or concerns about training, please contact Kristi Sligh, Training and Development Director, at ksligh@mmo.sc.gov 

Course Title
Class Dates
Email:4-17-2024 (Registration Closed)
4-18-2024 (Registration Closed)
4-19-2024 (Registration Closed)
Email:4-15-2024 (Registration Closed)
4-25-2024 (Registration Closed)
5-2-2024 (Registration Closed)
5-6-2024 (Registration Closed)
Course Title:RFP
Course#:SCPO - IPC
Email:5-7-2024 (Registration Closed)
Course#:SCPO - SPEC
Email:4-11-2024 (Registration Closed)
Course Title:Invitation for Bids
Email:4-25-2024 (Registration Closed)